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Heather Holdsworth


unexpected author

Landscape of Hope
- an illustrated journey into the Psalms -

September 2023

Through the medium of art and words, Heather shares an illustrated journey into the Psalms. Landscape of Hope takes passages that have become familiar and reveals their soul-restoring power. Through artwork and commentary, readers find themselves deeply engaging with the Bible and the Eternal.

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In this book you can expect to encounter not merely compelling, insightful and at times, breath-taking, reflections on the Psalms, but the Lord of the Psalter.

He speaks on every page, striving to make his voice heard amidst the clamour, uncertainty, and sorrow of modern life. Holdsworth points beyond herself, beyond our present moment, beyond even the psalmist, to an inexhaustible fountain of refreshment, consolation, and, most of all, hope.


Rev Dr Jared Michelson

Theologian, Minister, Honorary chaplain

St Andrews University, Scotland

Heather Holdsworth's unique and intriguing artwork, and thoughtful reflections on the first fourteen Psalms bring them to life in ways that not only catch our eyes but warm and challenge our hearts. I hope there is more to come!


Rev Dr Chris Wright,

Global Ambassador and Ministry Director, Langham Partnership

In ‘Landscape of Hope’, Heather Holdsworth uses her significant gifts as an artist, Bible teacher and writer to bring alive, in a remarkable way, the first fourteen Psalms. Her creative use of calligraphy and insightful meditations combine together to draw us into the powerful messages of these Psalms. This is indeed a unique publication.

Malcolm MacGregor

Architect and Designer, Former SIM International Director,

Scholar Care Coordinator for Langham Partnership Scholars 

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